You are invited to join a partnership structure that will change the world by building wealth for all involved: starting off with $800 monthly


The launching of new public companies will help reduce the wealth gap between the rich 1% and the rest of humanity, but only as long as these new companies are formatted in a way uniquely capable of building wealth for all involved.

In this regard, you have been invited to participate in this initiative by registering with us and joining one of our Skills 31 Teams®. Your team's service contract will make you a participant in this launch, requiring your part-time collaboration with other team members for a monthly compensation of $800 to $1,600, for each participant. You will learn about wealth-building and discover this initiative to be fun, well organized, and on the cutting-edge.

NOTE: Indian residents must contact the Desh Bhagat University (DBU) in order to join one of the Skills 31 Teams®. The sign-up process at DBU will get you enrolled in the App Development, Start-Ups, and FInancial Literacy Certificate Program (a one-year certificate program at DBU).

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The most publicized yet least understood method of wealth-building is most likely the Initial Public Offering (IPO) of new public companies. The IPO takes place on the first day that a public company "goes public." While what happens on that first day (and beyond) does become public news, most people do not understand what really happens in the months and years preceding that company's initial offering.

Our training program unveils the methodology behind the wealth-building procedures occurring before these kinds of offerings. In addition, you will see (1) how each team member is compensated in cash and equity, and (2) what is required for this compensation to be effectively carried out. This initiative is achievable in a matter of just weeks. So look around our website and sign up today; then, let's "Skill Up" and "Team Up." CLICK HERE to get started today.

Keep in mind that you have access to this information because someone you know invited you. Our website takes you through a simple process of confirming this inviter-invitee relationship. Unless your membership is confirmed, you will just be window-shopping and not able to participate in our special initiative.

"Skill Up" your Skills into Five Categories


1. Communication 2. Technical 3. Creativity 4. Problem-Solving 5. Sales & Marketing


Team-building includes taking inventory of all the skills, talents, expertise, and experience that we have all together. Our contribution to this inventory-taking process, which is quite personal, is a simple method of organizing your important skills. What we mean by "Skill Up" is that you identify nine of your most important skills and organize them into five categories. When you do this, you have what we call a Skill-Set; and our website is designed to help you set up your Skill-Set or update it from time to time.

The combined skills and experiences of your team members is a powerful asset. Since "three heads are better than one," your team's combination of Skill-Sets would be more powerful than the Skill-Set of any single member.