Customers buy goods and services all the time from various companies, including publicly-traded companies. But there are only a very small number of companies - for example, some cooperatives - that allow their customers to become part-owners as well.

Is there a way for customers to become shareholders of a new public company before it goes public? Indeed there is, because this is exactly what our Equity Sharing initiative addresses!

Typically, a public company could have around 20,000 shareholders and 1,000 additional employee-shareholders made possible by one employee stock-ownership plan or another. But unfortunately, customers of that company would hardly ever get an opportunity to become shareholders in that same company unless special arrangements were made with that company for its shares to be made available on the stock market. However, even if that was done, most customers would never be able to afford the costly prices of these kinds of shares.

Now, let us consider a different scenario, that is, a much larger public company in which one million customer-shareholders would be able to own 100% of a $10 billion public company, and among those customer-shareholders, 10,000 of them would be Skills-Team members - such as yourself.

But just how large can a public company be?

Due to reasons regarding privacy and secrecy, with respect to shareholders, exact numbers are difficult to access. Nevertheless, the half-million mark has already been reached in some countries; and our Equity Sharing initiative posits that a million and much more is possible as well as extremely advantageous. Therefore, planning such a large customer base in which each member has direct ownership-interest in such a public company is not only feasible but also a very profitable initiative to establish.

Furthermore, there is absolutely no reason to stop at just one public company like this. Customer-shareholders in the first public company would also love to buy goods and services from other similarly formatted and very large public companies. The plurality of such companies would mean more wealth-sharing profits in the pockets of all these customer-shareholders, as well as in the society at large.

Those of you who decide to sign in with us at this early stage of our launch are fortunate to have an ownership interest in a public company that will be larger than any created before and uniquely formatted to generate earned equity for all its member-partners.

These new public companies are already anxious to retain the services of our Skills 31 Teams®. Why? Because Customer sharing, Professional services, Marketing services, Distribution services, Information Technology services, and Management Consulting services are all examples of exactly what our Skills-Teams do: given the combined Skill-Sets and training of their members. Monthly compensations from $800 to $1,600 from the ESN's Founding Member Company for members of the Skills 31 Teams® will begin as soon as the Founding Member Company goes public. Click here for more details about compensations on our FAQ page (see question 2).

When we launch our first US public company with a special financial services package for our members, you will be pleased knowing that you were an early participant in one of the most important and positive things happening in these times. Click here to sign-up with us today and ask the person who invited you to help you confirm your membership.