Our General Privacy Policy

Welcome to Skills31teams.com. Your privacy is very important to us. We take reasonable technical and procedural precautions to protect the information provided by our members. We do not sell, rent or give your personally identifiable information to any third party. No information is collected from visitors who only browse our site.

We collect limited personal data from visitors who decide to become registered members of our site. Each member volunteers limited information about professional or working experience through the member's simple selection of skills from a general list. This selection process is designed for the member to build a profile of skills – which we call a "Skill-Set" – within the privacy of his or her Member Account.

A user's Skill-Set remains private until the user accepts an invitation to join a Virtual Management Team© (the "VMT"). The user's Skill-Set then becomes accessible to any member of the VMT. The user also has access to the VMT members' Skill-Sets. The reason for this partial loss of privacy is information-sharing and team-bonding between VMT members to strengthen their capacity for efficient collaboration.

Technical Aspects

How we keep your information secure? All data are stored on servers in the Azure Cloud built by Microsoft and kept in secured locations with no public access. These servers are protected with the latest encryption software and state-of-the-art firewalls.

Financial Aspects

At some point you will be asked to open a Share Account at an international brokerage operation into which your ownership interest(s) in the publicly-traded partnerships in our network will be deposited. More personal information will be required from you per applicable financial regulations over the brokerage operation. The privacy of such information will be rigorously guarded.

A Skill-Set Example

Nine skills have been arranged into three of five Skills Categories. 

# Communication Technical Sales & Marketing
1 Workshop Leadership Embedded Systems Programming Marketing Brochure Design
2 English Language Proficiency Technical Writing Client Prospecting
3 Telephone Etiquette Website Design and Development Sales Presentation