A Skill-Set is a list of skills that any Confirmed Member of our website compiles and arranges into five specific categories – Communication skills, Technical skills, Creativity skills, Problem-solving skills, and Sales & Marketing skills – that constitute the profile of a member's set of skills.

For instance, an engineer's Skill-Set would include the skills of Technical Writing, C Programming, Flowchart Design, Workshop Management, and Public Speaking.

A member's Skill-Set is private information that remains in the member's account and can be be updated at any time. Only Confirmed Members can setup their Skill-Sets on the Connections Page of the logged-in area for members.

The storage of Skill-Set information is a vital part of Skills-Team-building. When each member of a Skills-Team shares this information with the other members of the team, then the Skills-Team leader is able to take stock of the team's combined Skill-Sets. This information-sharing is essential for effective collaboration between team members.

Once you go through this website's Equity Sharing training program (or alternative training programs customized for the local business environments in India and Ghana), you will feel confident knowing that your skills and earning powers are greatly enhanced because of your collaborations with the members of your Skills-Team. These collaborations will broaden your experience and hone your skills, placing you among the most highly sought-after contract-workers by the top companies. Of greatest importance to these companies is that you are backed by a team - one of Equity Score's Skills 31 Teams®.

This website is connected to an Equity Sharing Network (ESN) consisting of startup companies and partnerships; and these member companies of ESN are contained under the ESN's Founding Member Company. When you become a Skills-Team member and pay your $10 registration fee, you will be able to receive your share of the Skills-Team's compensation earned for work contracted with the Founding Member Company. This compensation for part-time work ranging from $800 to $1,600 a month plus equity for each Skills-Team member will begin as soon as the ESN's Founding Member Company goes public.

Be mindful that this $10 registration fee is waived for Skills-Team members in India and Ghana. The Desh Bhagat University (DBU) in the Indian state of Punjab has set up a one-year certificate program called the App Development, Start-Ups, and FInancial Literacy Certificate Program. Inquiries about the enrollment fee for this certificate program and compensation for enrollees in this program should be sent to DBU. Skills-Team members in Ghana must collaborate among themselves to complete a special Team-Syllabus that includes the preparation and delivery of two presentations. The 1st presentation focuses on a specific business topic and the 2nd presentation focuses on how food security should be strengthened. Again, there is no registration fee for Skills-Team members; the leaders of these Skills-Teams manage the membership roster of their Skills-Teams. 

Our $800 to $1,600 figures are based on the basic contractual-fees of most companies. However, some Skills-Team members would be able to earn as much as $400,000 annually if their team is formatted for 31 seasoned 'C'-Level executives. Notwithstanding, the average annual compensation plus perks for most team-members would range from around $40,000 to $57,000; but these are just examples. In general, the compensations for team members would depend upon the specific requirements of the startups and member companies of the ESN.

As a Skills-Team member, your primary responsibility will be 'team-building:' inviting qualified talents to join us and startup new Skills-Teams within a time-frame of 12 to 30 days. By continuing to invite new participants, all our member-partners will help meet the requirements of our Founding Member Company, which will become our first US public company and bring a projected $276,000 equity value to each of our Skills-Team members.

All Skills-Team members residing in India are enrolled in a one-year certificate program at the Desh Bhagat University (DBU). For compensation amounts and the timetable for getting paid, contact DBU. 

First, you sign up at our Sign-Up page; then log in, look around the website, and get your membership confirmed with assistance from the person who invited you. With this person's Online ID Number and email address, you can confirm your invitation on the Confirmation Page.

As soon as your membership is confirmed, go to the Skill-Set and Data Profile Page and take note of your Online ID Number and your Membership Type on lines 11 and 12. Write down your ID number and note that line 12 shows your membership is Confirmed with no Right Connections (the type of membership you should have at this point).

Be sure that your name is recorded in the team leader’s organizational chart for your Skills-Team. Contact the team leader or the team member who invited you to join your team.

NOTE: A Skills Team is also called a Virtual Management Team© (VMT).

The $10 registration fee is required for Skills-Team members to utilize an online organizational tool that helps them execute their tasks per the requirements of their Skills-Team's Service Contract(s) with their Skills-Team's company client(s). Though our website only accepts PayPal payments, PayPal offers you extra payment options with credit cards, debit cards, and online banking.

Note that this $10 registration fee is waived for Skills-Team members in Ghana since they are not utilizing the online organizational tool. In fact, there is no registration money collected. The leaders of these Skills-Teams find members who are willing to spend the quality time required to collaborate and complete a special team-syllabus.


All Skills-Team members residing in India are enrolled in a one-year certificate program at the Desh Bhagat University (DBU). For enrollment or registration fees for this certificate program, contact DBU.

Equity Score® LLC (a Utah limited liability company) which does business as Skills31teams.com is positioned to introduce into the global market a new business model that enables new publicly-traded companies to be 100%-owned by members of a large group – up to 14 million members – as long as the members continue to buy goods or services from these companies.

This business model is called Equity Sharing because the customer-members share in the equity (or ownership) in these publicly-traded companies without taking a risk: unlike most investors who usually have to risk their money buying publicly-traded shares. These companies will require human resources organized into skilled teams. Thus, we have our Website – an online skills registry to help our users get organized into Skills 31 Teams®.