Equity Score® LLC, a limited liability company registered in the State of Utah in January 2012, is managing the first Equity Sharing Network (ESN) – a growing constellation of persons and entities (members, virtual teams, a "founder member" partnership, and subsequent publicly-traded partnerships and companies) whose interactions buildup value for each person and entity involved in the ESN.

The company is doing business as Skills31teams.com to maintain an online registry of the available skills from registered website users who organize themselves into Skills-Teams or Virtual Management Teams© (VMTs). Members of these VMTs will be compensated for providing consultation services to publicly-traded partnerships and companies in this ESN.

Equity Sharing is a new business model coming from several years of research by our founder Professor Paul Douglas Katchings (a former US banker). It is designed to include the customer and the consultant in the wealth-building process that is unique to publicly-traded entities. To this end, an International Finance Platform (IFP) was invented by Katchings and is being set up at an international university for our Private Offering and subsequent Equity Sharing Initial Public Offerings. The IFP will monitor the economic inter-actions between all our members and measure each member's Earned Equities to determine the specific Equity Score®, earnings, and wealth of each member.

Another invention by Professor Katchings is the Org913© Platform which endows VMT members with an online organizational tool to manage their project-deadlines, segment their projects into tasks for each member, and keep track of these member-assigned tasks. With Org913©, VMTs are uniquely equipped with state-of-the-art tools to solve problems and create value for member companies of the ESN, starting with the ESN's Founding Member Company.